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Our Inspiration

Dr. Mukesh Mishra

Shri. Vasant Kumar Mishra Memorial Educational,Social & Research Institute, Nagpur

It is a privilege foe me to be in a position to impart good and healthy education to the citizen students of my beloved country. The ninth generation of any country is considered to be the pillars of the pillars of the nation. We make it a point that these students emerge out strong and skilled for the betterment of the society and upliftment of our country. Education is considered to be the backbone of one’s country. It is through education that a person understands the difference between what is right and what is wrong. It is about taking prompt and appropriate decisions for the welfare of society.

Shri. Sumukh Mishra

Director Shat-Ayu College of Professional Studies

In democracy every students is a Prince. All have Equal Rights. Sot it is not only Education, but the good education of head, hand and heart is must to all. This "Shat-Ayu" college of professional studies id dedicated to achieve this Pious national Task by providing trained and efficient students to the society. God may bless.

Mrs.Neha S. Mishra

Director Shat-Ayu College of Professional Studies

Dear Students, Thanks you for your interest in “Shat-Ayu” College of professional Studies, for aspiring professional Carrier of your future. The accompanying information will introduce to our College and give you a clear Idea “Why it makes sense to get your valued Education with Us”. The fact is when you get admitted in our College. You will be under our guidance and will create you as a Perfect person to the company.